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The manufacture of kerosene-powered lanterns in the eighteenth century made it possible to increase working hours in factories and to provide nautical and railway signaling. Although they lost their original function today, by the use of electricity, lanterns have gained a new role: to decorate with originality and charm the environments.

Lanterns have become very famous in the decoration market and it is possible to find a wide variety of these pieces, such as Indian, Moroccan, Japanese lanterns, among others. Keeping an eye on this trend, Maria Pia House offers various models of decorative lanterns, so you can decorate indoor and outdoor environments, especially the garden and the balcony. It is worth betting on lanterns on the stairs and also in the pool area, these are some tips for using the pieces that help bring more style and personality to spaces.
Here you will find a wide selection of decorative lanterns that feature high quality materials such as stainless steel, bronze and iron. In addition, we have charming wall lanterns that will make the spaces more charming and stylish.
If you wish, you can light a candle inside the lantern to create dim, dim lighting, perfect for dinner or in a peaceful and tranquil setting, as well as extended visual comfort. Take the chance to delight everyone with your style and taste, invest in a decoration with lanterns and be prepared for compliments. Be sure to check it out!