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Plates can leave the dining table to gain a decorative and charming look. This is exactly what happens when these objects are hung on walls, leaving a little of their original function to assume an exclusively adornment character. In fact, this is a practice increasingly adhered to in the décor.

The decorative plate is a strategic resource for enhancing a certain corner of the environment, so it can be placed on top of furniture such as the sideboard and even on the dining table. This look is reminiscent of a retro style with that grandma's home décor charm, but you can also take on a decorating option for modern environments by simply choosing the type of finish on the decorative plate.
Porcelain plates, for example, bring to the space a bit of oriental-style charm, offering a touch of beauty to the composition through a hand-painted finish. Printed plates help to make everything more cheerful and stylish.
And, this look linked to the decoration of the kitchen and dining room , need not be restricted to these spaces, it is possible to decorate walls with porcelain plates or other materials also in environments such as the office.   and the living room . Outside, they are also very successful.
The origin of the use of these decorative Plates is around the 14th century, when sea routes were opened to China. The idea of collecting wall plates was inspired by exhibitions by artists. The charm of the crockery on the wall is an alternative to give more sophistication and originality to the spaces and, if you also appreciate these true works of art, be sure to check out the decorative dishes available here, at Maria Pia Casa. They are specially selected pieces to make a difference in composition, enjoy!