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The telephone is an invention attributed to Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 as a solution for the transmission of voice over long distances. Long before smartphones and cordless phones, they were already used as a means of communication and therefore, they always had a guaranteed presence in the decoration of the home and office.

It is possible to combine the functionality of the telephone set with its design, resulting in a decorative object that helps to enhance different spaces. A great idea for the use of telephones in decoration is to take advantage of the charm of retro style, using models that make the rescue of the tradition of old telephones.

The so-called vintage phones are unique pieces, which perfectly recreate replicas of handsets used in other decades, especially to give a touch of personality and style to the entire composition. In addition, these pieces assume the character of rescuing the past by presenting a mechanism to turn a dial to call the desired phone number.

In this section of the Maria Pia Casa website, you will find a select group of Vintage Phones, selected with the aim of enchanting the most passionate about decoration. Take the opportunity to check, for example, the beautiful wall phone, a true retro style icon. Desk phones can be used on top of furniture in the living room as a charming detail. It is worth using this piece also in the decoration of the room, on top of the nightstand.

Much more than a simple utensil, the vintage telephone plays an important role in beautifying the environment. With the increasing use of cell phones, the landline has become a decorative item and needs to be very well chosen. If you enjoy this charming look, take the time to check out our pieces!