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Sculpture is the art of representing embossed plastic images, it is the illustration in a three-dimensional form, perfect for adorning. This is why decorative sculptures are so successful, these pieces can transform any space with a touch of charm and great taste.  

It is possible to create sculptures of people, animals and even traces some sense of movement, so the sculptures are able to tell true stories. These pieces are very welcome in the decoration of a house, also because they are directly related to the concept of artwork. Any environment can receive a decorative sculpture, simply defining the style and personality of the space. Indian sculptures, for example, help add an oriental touch to the composition, while bird sculptures are able to bring a touch of nature into the room.

Sculptures of cats and dogs are also very successful in decorating, as they guarantee more personality and style when decorating furniture, such as the sideboard , bookcase and side table . In addition, the decorative sculptures in the room are a real charm, helping to create a sophisticated and very interesting environment.

The models you find on the Maria Pia House website are varied by a variety of colors, shapes, materials and styles. Everything to always offer the right option according to your need and goal. Be sure to check out our amazing models!