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To decorate the bar or increase the composition during home receptions, the ice bucket is an indispensable tool, as it is responsible for storing bottles of champagne, beer, wine, among other beverages, ensuring that its temperature is ideal for consumption. .

In addition to chilling the drink faster and keeping the temperature longer, the ice buckets also help to enhance the decor of the room by adding a touch of style and personality to the entire composition. This item also adds convenience, making ice more accessible to your guests during barbecues, meals, get-togethers, etc.
This is a wildcard item in the decoration, which gains status by providing a better taste experience with a variety of drinks. The ice bucket can have a fixed place in the gourmet space, on the tea cart when it functions as a portable bar, or it can be placed only on special occasions, showing everyone your care as a host.
Brazil is a country with a warm climate by nature and therefore, drinks are usually served chilled, which makes ice buckets guaranteed presence in the decoration, as they combine functionality and beauty.
Maria Pia Casa offers a wide variety of ice bucket models, stainless steel, glass and the unusual horn. There are buckets with handles, a lid and even an ice pick.
Do not miss the chance to enjoy all this style and convenience, it is worth checking out our decorative pieces and take the opportunity to choose the ice bucket that best fits your needs.