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The Bombonieres are glass jars specially made for the storage of goodies, such as candies, chocolates, candies, chewing gum, lollipops, cookies, among others. If you want to make the decoration sweeter, nothing bets on the charm and delicacy of these charming pieces.

The use of Bombonieres in the decoration makes reference to the universe of childhood, also standing out for the retro style that they print in the composition, even more if the model chosen is that balloon bomboniere, with separate compartments with lids, which can be rotated so that it is possible to have access to content.

The pot-shaped bonbons with lid are classic and very versatile models, they can be placed in different environments, always offering that touch of relaxation and flavor that only a sweet refractory can guarantee.

It is worthwhile to enjoy the bonbons in the kitchen, on the countertop, in the living room (on sideboards or on the coffee table), or even as a decorative object for the dining table. In addition, the jars of sweets are also welcome in the decoration of the office, since the work environment can be made more interesting with this delicious presence.

Always thinking about offering the best interior design solutions, Maria Pia Casa presents some models of decoration bomboniere, which have a high quality manufacturing and a differentiated design in the finishing. It is worth taking advantage of the charm of transparent glass to enhance the exposure of your favorite treats.

Bombonieres are already very successful on a daily basis and are even more visited when you organize meals and parties at home, especially for children. Enjoy buying yours and get ready for compliments, don't miss this one!

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