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The cups is one of the most commonly used kitchen utensils, from routine meals, to drinking water and even in moments of relaxation with friends in the bar space. The set of glasses is indispensable inside the dining room, but it is possible to gain prominence in the decoration of the table with different and stylish pieces.

colored cups

These charming decorative objects help to break the linearity of the composition, bringing more joy and relaxation to different moments. Any meal will be more fun and charming with the presence of colored glasses, so it is worth betting on a mixture of colors in the composition.

Bico de Jaca cups

The Bico de Jaca texture is a true classic in decoration, capable of making all the difference through its rich finish in details. This way of working with the raw material for glass is charming and very elegant, it is worth having at least one set of jackfruit cups.

The cups should suit different types of occasions and drinks, there are cups for water, juice and soda and even cups for beer, whiskey, caipirinha, among others. Thinking about meeting the most demanding lovers of decoration, Maria Pia Casa made an incredible selection of decorative cups for you.
You can take the opportunity to buy special kits with a set of cups with several units of the same color, or even make a composition of different colors. Also take a closer look at all the charm and perfection of our textured cups. We have several models of glass cups, with different capacities and sizes, that will fit perfectly with your proposal, do not miss this chance to surprise!

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