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A little of Guillermo Forchino's magnificent work is available, for lovers of decoration, here, at Maria Pia Casa. The Forchino collection is part of a limited edition, so it is a great option for collectors of decorative pieces that exude good taste and style. All parts are identified with a unique serial number.

The artist, Guilhermo Forchino , has an Argentine background and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Rosario, in his home country, and also studied at the University of the Sorbonne, France, the course of restoration and conservation of art. Since the 1980s, he has been developing an interesting work from poly resin raw material.

His works are capable of telling true stories, as they seem to have been frozen at some point in the action, with realistic details in the expressions of the characters. In addition, sculpture is characterized by attributes such as irreverence and comic strokes and cartooning. The Forchino collection is an exclusive selection of pieces signed by the artist Guilhermo Forchino, reproduced with its original characteristics, such as handmade painting. The numbered series has been made available especially for art pellets.

Resin sculptures are caricatured and generally represent comic situations, as well as a certain amount of irony and social criticism. In addition, the pieces also represent transportation such as airplanes, boats and cars and there are also sculptures of professions such as doctor, hairdresser, lawyer, cook, dentist, sommelier, etc.

Take this unique opportunity to gift someone special or decorate furniture to decorate your home and office!