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Sugar is present on many occasions from day to day, from breakfast to afternoon tea and juices during meals. Anyway, we are always sweetening our moments. It is therefore important to pay attention to the type of sugar you put into the table decoration, as this piece has the potential to transform the face of any composition, depending on its style and elegance.

It is the Sugar Basin that will ensure the most practicality, resistance, protection and, of course, organization in the kitchen decoration project. These objects are used to safely store sugar to be stored inside cabinets and also help to decorate the table, especially in conjunction with other items such as cups, teapots and trays.

The Maria Pia Casa website has some incredible sugar models that stand out for their high quality of manufacture, as they are produced with materials such as metal, glass and silver. We have at your disposal a special selection of unique pieces that will bring much more refinement to your meals. We have sugar cups with lids to ensure more safety and protection for the grocery and even with coupled spoons, as well as charming sets.

Do not miss the opportunity to sweeten your daily life with the presence of these decorative objects that are synonymous with refinement and good taste. Enjoy impressing your guests during conversations with teas and coffees, enjoy all the charm of these pieces that go beyond the simple concept of housewares. It is worth checking!

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