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And anyone who believes that trays still work only to serve a cup of coffee or afternoon tea, these charming pieces of decoration have gained much prominence in varied compositions, assuming a new proposal to serve an ornament for the environment.

Trays in the living room

The trays can come on top of furniture such as the sideboard, the coffee table or the side table, offering more beauty to the space and, even, an extra place to create a set with other decorative objects, such as flower pots, sculptures, candles, among others.

Trays in the dining room

In this environment, the trays work as an extra support at meal times, so you can also stand on the sideboard to expose utensils such as cutlery, napkins and, of course, to serve your guests.

In-room trays

These charming pieces can also be used on the dressing table or on the nightstand, in this case, as well as a space to accommodate perfume glasses, jewelry boxes and other belongings.

toilet trays

This is the perfect place for trays to make all the difference in decorating a small space. You can reserve a counter space to place a nice decorative tray with towels, soaps and other hygiene items.

Trays in the kitchen

Decorative trays take on another role in the kitchen, which is exclusively beautifying the space. Therefore, it is interesting to think of creative solutions, such as using the tray for seasoning pots, for example.

bar tray

One of the greatest uses of the decorative tray is to create a bar space in any environment, just place a few bottles, glasses and glasses, in addition to specially selected objects, such as a beautiful bottle opener or corkscrew, for example.

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