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Much more than light, the candlesticks are pieces that allow a sophisticated and romantic decoration, offering a charming look. In addition, they adorn and have the power to reveal the personality and care of those who live in these places. If they were once used as a source of light for houses, today they have taken a prominent role in the decoration of environments.

If you want to innovate or also surprise in a good dinner, you will be enchanted by our selection of candlesticks, chandeliers, lamps and candle holders, which make a difference in the spaces that require a more intimate and welcoming climate.
The candlesticks can be used in conjunction with candles, which guarantees a differentiated and very charming lighting. It is worth betting on this look at dinners and special occasions, spreading candlesticks with candles throughout the house and thus bringing a lot of refinement and good taste to its composition. The result is surprising, everything gets more valued and the weather gets warmer.
For you to create a pleasant scenario of warmth and refinement, we at Maria Pia House offer beautiful models of crystal, metal, porcelain, resin and glass candlesticks. We have pieces of decorative lighting of varying styles and sizes and you will surely find the ones that best suit your environment and personal taste. Be sure to check it out and be enchanted!