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The long-awaited moment to open that well-deserved drink after a leaving day at work or in a get-together with friends is very special, so you need to be surrounded by items that provide you with more convenience and elegance. This is the case of Bottle Openers, parts that are very useful in everyday life and completely indispensable on special occasions, such as receptions at home.

The Bottle Opener has become a true companion and synonymous with good times, no longer being a mere household utility to become a decorative object, gaining new formats, styles and designs. Therefore, they no longer need to be restricted to being stored in drawers and cupboards, but can be displayed as an ornament for the kitchen. Choose that Bottle Opener that best matches the decor of the room and, of course, your personality and hang it on the wall.

To offer more convenience and style when decorating the kitchen and the gourmet space, Maria Pia Casa has made a selection of Bottle Opener that stand out for their strength and beauty, essential characteristics for decorative objects. Take advantage of metal or stainless steel parts and add more personality and refinement to your space. Check-out!

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