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Yukon I Stainless Steel Decorative Lantern

The Yukon I Decorative Lantern melds the durability of stainless steel with the elegance of genuine leather, enhancing any area with its sophisticated design and cozy light.


Regular Price: $422.32

Special Price $295.62

Yukon I Stainless Steel Decorative Lantern

Regular Price: $422.32

Special Price $295.62

Illuminate every moment with the Yukon I Stainless Steel Decorative Lantern, a masterpiece that transcends mere functionality to become a true focal point in any setting. Crafted with high-shine polished stainless steel, this lantern promises to reflect not just light but the sophistication of your space. The genuine leather handle offers a texture contrast, while the translucent glass panels soften the light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Designed for those who appreciate fine details, the Yukon I is a statement of style and an invitation to create illuminated memories.

Decorative lantern with polished stainless steel structure, genuine leather strap and translucent glass side panels.

Height: 60 cm

Length: 33 cm

Width: 33 cm

Weight: 4.4256 Kg

SKU 37406

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Material Stainless Steel
Warranty 06 Months

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