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The tradition of using vases in the decoration is very old, still originating in Greece, therefore, nothing more charming than taking advantage of this classic piece to compose its environments as a way to make everything more beautiful and sophisticated.

Flower pots can be used to show off the elegance of these plants, but they also work very well as they themselves are decorative objects, with the sole purpose of decorating furniture. Garden pots can be of larger models to ensure a special emphasis on the composition of outdoor environments, also on terraces and balconies.

vases as furniture ornament

The decorative vases can be arranged on top of dressers or dressers in a unique way, to assume the potential to embellish any composition. In addition, they can also make all the difference in the decoration of the dining table, with lots of charm and style.

Here, at Maria Pia Casa, we have at your disposal several models of flower pots, made in sophisticated materials, such as porcelain, murano, silver and glass, always with an exclusive finish to create a differentiated space in your environments.

porcelain vases

These are traditional and classic in style, which guarantee a charming and oriental touch for the decoration of the environment. Traditional handcrafted paintings also help to elevate the personality of the place.

Flower pots are essential items in the decoration of parties and weddings, as they are responsible for decorating the table and giving a touch of life to the occasion, with the subtle presence of nature.

In addition, the vases can also be considered as gift options when it is necessary to give flowers at special times. They serve the perfect complements to match the beauty of the plants.

Take the opportunity to browse this section of the Maria Pia House website and see the wide variety of decorative vase models that we have selected especially for you.

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