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All food should be valued in the decoration of the table, but the warm cake that lets out that delicious smell deserves to be accommodated in a special place, to awaken the palate and highlight all the care in its preparation. For this, there are the famous Cake Plate, which enchant and bring more sophistication to these little moments of pleasure in everyday life, such as a breakfast (or afternoon) with the family.

The Cake Plate you find in this dining and kitchen section, by Maria Pia Casa, are true invitations for you to sit at the table and enjoy tasty moments in the company of family and friends. Take the time to try out that cake recipe you always wanted to make, it will be much easier now with this incentive, as you will have an appropriate place to display your culinary skills with great taste and refinement.
If it is true that we eat first with the eyes, nothing better than to make an interesting presentation of the prepared food. By choosing a Cake Plate, you will make your cake even more irresistible to the guests, so it is worth choosing a model that best fits your needs.
The glass beakers are transparent and fit this concept very well, as they serve to show the beauty of its interior, calling the eyes to taste all the flavor. If you prefer, you can use a bowl to display a certain amount of cup cakes, which makes the table decor even more interesting and original.
You can choose to serve the whole or sliced cake, sure to please everyone. For this reason, kettles are excellent product choices for the wedding list , such as a classic and refined choice with a charming gourmet touch. Lid kettles also help protect food and can be accommodated on the kitchen countertop.
Make the tradition of coffee and tea even more interesting with the presence of a beautiful Cake Plate, a perfect match for those moments. Be sure to check out our models!