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Cutlery is perfect for decorating the kitchen and enriching the composition of the dining table, offering, in addition to functionality, the fundamental role in the decoration of the table set.

Decorating with cutlery requires special care from the hostess, so that she chooses the right cutlery for each type of meal. You need to keep everything separate so that your guests have more convenience on these occasions. Brazil is characterized by using the cutlery set of Western culture, which consists of a knife, fork and spoon. But there are some variations in these cases, such as changing the size for teaspoon and dessert, for example, in addition to the classic kids's cutlery.

The cutlery set must accompany the types of dishes prepared for each meal and must always be in line with a standard of quality requirement, so that they do not distort during the course of the dishes.

Decorative cutlery, on the other hand, exempts itself from this function to assume an interesting role enhancing the kitchen decor. It is worth using pieces of different design to break the linearity of the space and enrich the concept.

Take this opportunity to create a charming set of cutlery for your table decoration. To do this, just browse through this section of Maria Pia Casa's website and choose the pieces that will be perfect in your space. We have a wide variety of decorative and functional cutlery, made of highly resistant materials and with a high standard of quality.

Take the opportunity to combine functionality and beauty with great refinement and be ready to savor special moments!