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The Pitcher are true companions for your daily meals, offering more convenience and charm so you can serve drinks made with alcoholic beverages, as well as water, juice and soda.

They make all the difference in the decoration of the coffee table, for example, drawing everyone's attention to your care and good taste as a host. Furthermore, they can be used both in formal occasions and in more relaxed gatherings with friends.

Beverage Dispenser are not left behind when the theme is functionality, in addition to providing a very special charm for serving colored juices. Produced with high quality material, the models on this page from Maria Pia Casa offer great finishing design and can be used both in residential and office environments.

Metal Pitcher

This is a perfect choice for those who do not give up on elegance and refinement in the most diverse moments of everyday life. The Metal Pitcher are resistant and able to stand out in the composition due to the shine of their finish.

Glass Pitcher

The Glass Pitcher combine with a colorful and more cheerful decoration as they are associated with refreshing drinks, for example. The transparency of the glass helps to enhance the liquid it contains, while the colored Pitchers bring a touch of relaxation to the composition.

If you are looking to buy vases for table decoration, be sure to check out our selection of high quality pieces of manufacture, which are perfect to make a difference also in conjunction with any environment, such as the dining room and kitchen, by example.

Here, on Maria Pia Casa's website, we have a variety of Pitchers (small and large) and sugar jugs, for you to choose which one left you most enchanted. Enjoy!