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When we talk about vintage decoration, the alternative that has been very successful is the use of decorative plaque, do you already know this true charm? Let's introduce you right now! They are charming pieces that bring an air of rarity and exclusivity to enrich any composition, as they have a touch of retro style while they can redeem the famous old advertisements or by presenting the illustrious pin-ups, for example. example.

The old look of vintage plaque is a wildcard when it comes to bringing new decorating ideas to the home, so it is very worthwhile to have this charming look when it comes to creating a different space and full of personality.

But, where to put Decorative Plaque?

It depends! They can be used from the garage to the office, always bringing a very interesting look to the whole place. But, they are also welcome in the decoration of the gourmet space or the barbecue, especially when they are beer themed plaque. Or, even in the kitchen when there are charming coffee plaque.

In fact, these items also often appear in the decoration of commercial environments, such as bars, hotels and restaurants, always as a synonym for originality. The signs that you find here, at Maria Pia Casa, were specially selected so that you can give a touch of retro style in your decor.

If you like to create unique environments full of personality, take the opportunity to check out our varied line of vintage plaques. They are decorative pieces that stimulate creativity and represent a very tasteful choice. Don't miss this chance, take the opportunity to check out the beautiful metal plaque to achieve a charming visual effect in the room you desire. Check and choose the ones you like best, then just get ready to receive compliments!

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