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The decoration with photos is a very common resource in different styles and projects, since they are able to tell a little of the story of those who inhabit the place, reflecting personality and preferences in a charming way. Spreading pictures of loved ones around the home is a real charm and many people make use of this feature to immortalize moments and keep family and friends close at all times during the day.

Take the opportunity to choose the models that best fit the decorating style of your home environments. Then, just choose the best photos and frame your happy moments to immortalize them in a very interesting way.

Here, at Maria Pia Casa, you can browse the frame section and find objects made of crystal, metal, wood, horn, resin, all specially selected for quality and good taste.

Wall Picture Frames

An idea of decorating with photos is to take advantage of the frames hung on the wall, as a kind of decorative paintings. You can choose a strategic corner of a room or use the corridor for this composition.

Furniture Picture Frames

These charming pieces can also appear as ornaments for furniture, such as the side table, the sideboard, a countertop or the bookcase itself. How about making a composition with a certain chronological order, showing everyone some of the happy moments of phases of your life.

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Picture Frames in decoration