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Spices are essential in the preparation of meals, you can choose from salt, pepper, oregano, olive oil, vinegar, among other ingredients to increase the flavor of food. When cooking and serving meals, the ideal thing is that they are organized in a practical and safe way.

Ideal for accommodating seasonings and spices, cruet is a household utility that helps conserve its ingredients by providing special storage in a true set of containers. In addition to offering more style and charm to serve guests, cruets are essential pieces to maintain the organization and cleanliness of the kitchen. You can count on Cruets for everyday meals and leave those special models to delight family and friends on special celebration days.

In keeping with the decoration market, Maria Pia Casa has separated some cruets of different shapes, styles and materials of manufacture, especially to suit your needs. The traditional glass cruet offers excellent food preservation, in addition to the visualization of ingredients with its transparent finish. In addition, we have the distinctive charm of horn cruets and the unique strength of the metal cruet. You can take the opportunity to put what you need for meals, such as salt, olive oil and toothpicks, for example.

Enjoy the most classic models for formal occasions, but be sure to check out more relaxed Cruets, which can be used for snacks and appetizers in the gourmet space. Come to know our cruet models up close to bring more style and personality at different times!