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The paintings are decorative objects capable of being inserted in the most diverse environments of the house, since they manage to present a great diversity of sizes, illustrations and frames, for example. To choose the decorative frames that will compose your spaces, you must take into account, above all, your personality and the style you want to print to the place.

Here, at Maria Pia Casa, you will find several models of decorative paintings, with different prints and sizes. Use and abuse creativity to assemble your composition. Enjoy.

living room paintings

If the decoration of the living room is more classic, it is possible to enjoy pictures of landscapes, photographs and human representations. For contemporary decor, it's worth choosing abstract paintings, with bright colors that bring more vigor and joy to the space. The decorative paintings can be hung on the wall, in a composition that is harmonious in relation to the furniture in the room, such as sofas and armchairs. As this is a living room, take the opportunity to select works of art that talk a little about you to your guests.

Kitchen tables

Both for the dining room and the kitchen, they are responsible for bringing more beauty and relaxation. The most classic choices of decorative paintings in these environments are still life pieces, such as fruits, flowers and vases. But, you can also break the seriousness with humorous pictures with messages about meals and types of food.

Frame Arrangement

In the lobby, the use of a frame on top of the sideboard may be sufficient, depending on the proportion between the size of the piece and the furniture. On the stairs, the ideal is to make a composition that follows the alignment of the steps. Another strategic corner to show all your good taste is the corridor, while people walk around, they can observe small decorative paintings up close. And, to decorate the room, the wall frame must fill at least the entire length of the bed, either in a single piece or in a composition.

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