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The Jewels are companions of women, helping to make the look more sophisticated and full of charm. Usually chosen as a gift option, they appeal to different personalities and styles and are very successful. But to keep and keep jewelry always organized and protected, as they are small and can easily be lost, the ideal is to choose an elegant jewelry box that helps in decorating the environment.

The Jewelry Box was created to give more practicality during women's daily life, accommodating their relics in a very interesting way. In addition to helping to keep everything in order, these decorative pieces can also be used as a decoration option when complementing the composition.

Delicate Jewelry Boxes come in a variety of shapes, materials and styles, from classic crystal Jewelry Boxes to heart-shaped pieces. All to ensure a distinctive style and a lot of originality when decorating bedroom furniture, such as dressing table, dresser and nightstand.  
In addition to being part of the room decoration with great functionality and taste, Jewelry Boxes are also found in luggage and bags during travel, offering more protection and practicality for those moments.
Much more than ballerina jewelery models, there are many pieces of styles and themes in the design market today, and these pieces have a high decorative value to beautify the space. Here, at Maria Pia Casa, you will find everything from the most classic models to the contemporary ones, such as: chests, drawers, oriental, among others.
Take the opportunity to check out the jewelry boxes that we set aside for the decoration of the women's room, an excellent gift idea for women. Do not miss it!