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Champagne is a very popular drink in Brazil and this does not happen only during the new year. Very common at birthday parties, weddings and other special celebrations, champagne toast has a significant high value. If you are also a fan of this charming sparkling drink, nothing better than to have at your disposal, at home, a beautiful Champagne Bucket.

This is a great way to serve guests with the refinement and sophistication they deserve, since the champagne is suitable for you to accommodate bottles and ice with more protection and ensure all the quality of the champagne's flavor, which will have maintained your ideal drinking temperature.
This container, fully suitable for champagne tasting, is available here, on the Maria Pia Casa website, as we have high quality and durable pieces, especially for you to impress your guests.
Stainless steel, silver plated, bronze plated champagne or leather handles, in a variety of sizes and shapes. In this section you will find the best decoration market for those who enjoy champagne toast in good times.
Cheers. Choose your Champagne and be ready to enhance your good times with this drink of French origin. Champagne is a sparkling white wine that originated in the Champagne region through the fermentation process of the grapes.
Be sure to check out these pieces that can also be considered as interesting solutions when choosing the wedding gift, after all, everyone wants to have a good dose of sophistication and good taste. Enjoy!