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To speak of perfumers is to be able to rescue an old tradition that means a lot of refinement and sophistication. Perfumers were guaranteed presence in the beautiful dressers of girls and women, with a simple touch of luxury and personality, and today they are at the disposal of interior design to serve the decorative complement pieces for various compositions.

The charming glass perfumers help ensure more joy and sophistication to give a new look to the bathroom and toilet decor. Exuding elegance and good taste, they are great choices to increase this space, make a composition with your favorite perfumes in trays, including the presence of spray perfumers, which are a charm apart.
Perfume bottles invaded contemporary decor as a way to compose a classic and very refined look to decorate furniture. And, it can happen, whether with some fragrance inside or not. The glass object itself is sufficient to enrich any composition.
Take a look at our selection of perfumers, specially selected for those who do not give up style and refinement. Do not miss this chance!