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To serve that coffee after lunch or a nice cup of tea, nothing better than having dishes and utensils of high quality and sophistication. This makes the tasting moment of grains or herbs even more special.

Coffee is known for its stimulating power, besides being one of the most consumed drinks in the world, tea is associated with relaxation and may even have a medicinal indication. Whatever your preference, you need to have the right items to serve coffee and tea for your guests.

The Coffee and Tea set can consist of items such as: teapot, sugar bowl, saucer, cup, kettle, colander, milkmaid, plates, bowls, napkin holders, and decorative boxes to accommodate tea bags, for example. This interesting composition is one of the most used as a wedding gift, as it has the potential to present refinement and great taste.

Tea can be enjoyed at routine family meals or when you get friends at home to catch up on that lively afternoon coffee. In addition, you can display your set of beautiful pieces by forming an interesting composition on a decorative tray. In this case, it is worth leaving as a trimmer ornament to further beautify the space. In table decoration, the tray is essential to safely accommodate the heat of the teapot and milk.

The Coffee and Tea table can be much more charming if you use a pot, a bomboniere, or flowerpots, as well as decorative candles. Take the time to indulge in the taste of the pieces we have set apart for you in this section of coffee and tea, on the Maria Pia Casa website, and leave that moment between lunch and dinner even more symbolic and charming. Be sure to check it out!

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