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Have you heard that the decoration is made with small details?

Well, this is exactly the case with furniture handles, delicate pieces with a very simple look, but which is able to redesign spaces and help you completely transform the entire room in question.

Handles can be easily installed in furniture such as cabinets, dressers, desks, sideboards, among others. Because of this practicality, they can be changed as often as you need, whenever you want to refurbish that furniture that walks a little corner in the decoration.

Functional, modern, elegant and very charming. The door handles and drawers can be ideal accessories to avoid buying new furniture, just separate charming and interesting models to decorate that old furniture and the result will be charming.

Handle Models

The Handles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, prints, writings and materials, there are a multitude of designs for these decorative pieces that fit their purpose and the style of the environment.

Thus, it is possible to reinvent the look of home furniture without much effort, nor spend a lot of money. You won't have to buy furniture or paint walls, just browse this section of the Maria Pia Casa website and choose the handle models that best fit the furniture you are looking to repaint. In addition, they can be used for wall decoration, such as hooks for hanging necklaces, bags, etc.

Do not miss the chance to use creativity, come check out decorative knobs of ceramic, resin, horn, glass, metal or mother of pearl.

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