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The Rugs Is A True Delimiter Of Spaces, Which Accompanies The Positioning Of Furniture And Is Responsible For Giving A Feeling Of Amplitude Or Even The Opposite, Helping To Reduce Environments.

This piece has a much more than merely decorative function, since it also contributes to the aesthetic comfort of the environments and helps to reduce noise. Decorative Rugs can be used in different spaces, always offering more beauty and coziness to the compositions.

Rugs for the room

In the main living space of the house, a large, more sophisticated rug is usually used, but it also needs to be sturdy and practical to meet the needs of a larger flow of people.

Rugs in the dining room

The Rugs serve as a type of frame for the dining table and, in addition, facilitate the movement of chairs during meals.

Bedroom Rugs

Coziness is the watchword for bedroom decor, just choose a Rugs model that has a really charming texture. Take the opportunity to combine the Rug with the style of the curtain and furniture, for example.

Rugs in the kitchen

In this wet area environment, the Rug acts as a treadmill to prevent unwanted slips.

Rugs in the TV room

To ensure more comfort during home cinema sessions, nothing better than having fluffy Rugs, isn't it? Therefore, choose furry models to compose these spaces, which are cozy and guarantee good acoustics.
They can be of different shapes, from classic square and rectangular to round Rugs, be smooth or contain various prints, and stand out for the material of manufacture. Oriental and shaggy style rugs are also very successful in decorating the house, as they offer a touch of style and personality.
Choose from the models of the Maria Pia Casa website, the Rugs that best match your spaces, it is still worth betting on the use of more than one model in the same place. Here you can find Persian, Pakistani, Afghan or Indian Rugs. There are several models, plain or with prints, of wool, killim or leather.
Take the opportunity to enhance your decor!

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