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Glasses are household items that have been used for a long time as a refined option to serve drinks during dinners and celebrations, since they were strategically developed so that they can conduct the liquid correctly for their proper tasting on the palate organ.

In addition to being essential for the moment of the toast, the decorative Glasses also serves as creative solutions to enhance compositions with great taste and distinctive charm.
During parties, it is possible to decorate the house with bowls from different ideas. You can decorate a Glass by placing snacks, dried fruit, cutlery, flowers and even candles inside. These are just a few suggestions, but you can surprise and innovate in decor in a very simple way.
It is also important to check if you have the right number of glasses for all guests, after all, you do not want to leave anyone out when it comes to toasting, do you? Always check your cabinets and, if you prefer, you can leave the Glasses exposed in the decoration of the rooms, in an interesting composition with decorative trays, for example.

Bico de Jaca Glasses spout

These charming pieces bring a touch of retro style to the composition, presenting a charming texture and generally, colorful finish to offer a romantic, delicate and charming look for meals.
The colored Glasses are very successful when decorating the table, but always count also with transparent Glasses, to please drink lovers who do not give up this feeling of being able to see the liquid while it is being tasted. Therefore, crystal bowls are true classics and should be part of your bowl set on the sideboard.
Take the opportunity to create a composition with your glasses of wine, champagne, water etc., to bring a new admirable way to decorate furniture, not only in the gourmet space. Be sure to check out the line of bowls that Maria Pia Casas selected for you!