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Books have always had a guaranteed presence in home decor, as they bring a very special concept of intellectuality and refinement, gaining increasing prominence in different environments. They guarantee a final touch in an unpretentious way, on top of side and center tables, bookcases, shelves and even bathroom furniture.

Story books, arts, photography, cuisine, design and architecture are the most common in residential decoration, according to the tastes and styles of the owners of the place, since these objects have the power to reflect personalities very easily.

Books can be arranged both horizontally and vertically, helping to make very interesting compositions. These objects also go hand in hand with other decoration pieces to create more style and originality. A great idea is to take advantage of small decorative objects such as flower pots that can be placed on a stack of books. Larger books can also be stacked horizontally next to the sofa in the living room, which adds a lot of charm to the environment.

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