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The decoration of the office needs to be thought out with great care in all details, as the workplace has a specific function and may have some resources to increase productivity. A good example of this is that, according to studies, the organized work environment helps to increase performance and helps to reduce employee stress.

One small object that is able to contribute to the organization of the desk is the paperweight. This also has a high decorative value, helping to beautify the environment and also charming a little of your personality in the workplace. Office accessories help to create more identity and break the seriousness of space, especially when featuring funny phrases.
In addition to beautifying space, Paper Weights is also important for organizing the file, preventing documents and mail from spreading around the room when the fan is turned on or a wind comes in through the window. To be able to perform their role with mastery, paperweights need to be made of materials that allow them to hold documents well in case of wind. Generally, the most common objects are made of stone, glass, wood, etc.
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