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When it comes to serving drinks during dinner parties or home parties, the tea cart can be a functional and perfect alternative to take up little space. This famous bar furniture is a true retelling of the old trolleys that have been used as a support for serving varied meals.

Tea trolleys are very charming and useful when serving friends and family with drinks, so it is worth composing this furniture with decorative bottles, as well as specially selected cups and glasses to make a difference on occasion.
In addition, this furniture bar can also be used with other types of functionality, assuming the role of the side table or even a sideboard, which guarantees an alternative look for the space. The tea trolley is still found in the office décor, adding a touch of personality and style, or the toilet as a useful support for the environment.
These models have casters to ensure more practical mobility between environments, which facilitates the installation of a real bar in any corner, take the opportunity to make a composition with ice buckets, wine holders and more!