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Originating from the French word Lamp, which means to lower the light, the lamp is a piece whose main purpose is to indirectly illuminate, without being able to fully see the brightness of the lamp.

More than serving as a lighting support, these pieces are true decorative works that can be used on various furniture such as side tables, dressers and sideboards. It can also be used in more unusual environments such as corridors, balconies and bathrooms.

Bedroom Lamps

The use of a lamp reminds you of an air of elegance and also gives a feeling of warmth and relaxation, so this object makes so much difference in the room, creating the possibility of being able to rest in a quieter climate. They may appear on the nightstand or on the floor for larger pieces.

Lamps in the room

In the living room, lamps can also be used for the primary purpose of helping to promote a sense of visual comfort and pure relaxation. Thus, they can appear on top of furniture or beautiful floor lamps, which act as true decoration objects for the space.
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