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Dessert is one of the most awaited moments at meals, it is the apex among the guests, who will be able to have a complete opinion of the whole occasion and their attitude as a host. To bring even more enchantment and refinement, you can count on the support of the sets of Dessert Glasses , which are able to make all the difference in tasting sweet flavors for the palate.

In addition to providing more convenience to serving dessert meals, Dessert Glasses help to value your recipes, even if it is to try a simple ice cream. Everything is more interesting and special when you have pieces of high quality and design and the Dessert Glasses fit this concept perfectly.
It is worth using Dessert Glasses to serve from a fruit salad to pudding, mousse and other delicacies. Do not forget to take care in the assembly and details when preparing the Glasses with desserts !

colored cups

The colorful Dessert Glasses are a true classic because they bring a more enhanced look to dialogue with this moment of joy and relaxation. It is worth betting on the use of colors to create a more lively and interesting composition.

Dessert Glasses

To highlight the look of the dessert, nothing better than having the effective charm of transparency. The Dessert Glasses can be smooth or have textures in the finish, but always add elegance and sophistication.
Maria Pia Casa made a selection of beautiful Dessert Glasses, usually made up of six glasses. It is worth taking this chance to have one more option to surprise your family and guests, be sure to bring more color and flavor to your day, come check out our lovely pieces up close!