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Miniatures are great opportunities to break the linearity of space and promote more relaxation and good humor. That's because they always manage to tell stories, in addition to making incredible references to enchant lovers, who end up becoming miniature collectors.

Featuring a distinctive style and a lot of personality, vintage miniatures stand out for perfectly reproducing details of items used in ancient times. In this sense, the miniatures of old cars, motorcycles, bicycles and airplanes are true works of art that bring back all the charm of the means of transport that were part of the past.

The inspiration of the retro style can make all the difference in the composition of the spaces, since it adds more personality and reveals a little of the tastes and preferences of the residents from the choice of miniatures. Therefore, these pieces are also very successful in decorating the office and, of course, as a creative gift option.

Maria Pia Casa has a variety of selection of decorative miniatures that will help you when making the composition on your furniture and leave it with a charming setting. The famous Kombi, Beetle and Vespa miniatures are available to become true collector's items, it is worth checking up close and being enchanted by the perfection in the representation of the details in the finish.

You can use miniatures to decorate any environment, just choose a strategic place to exhibit your pieces and thus give them due prominence, completely valuing the composition. Although small, they are capable of attracting a lot of admiration and increasing the degree of personality and elegance of any space. Do not miss this chance!

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