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The sousplat is a practical and very sophisticated option to compose the decoration of the dining table, as it facilitates cleaning and helps to compact the space used in each place marking. By using these pieces, it is possible to organize a formal meal to delight your guests in a very simple way.

The French origin of the sousplat name refers to the expression under plate, which means all the role of this piece of protecting dinnerware so that it does not slip on the table and also help in the preservation of tablecloths and the table itself. mobile, as well as avoid possible unwanted splashes on your guests.

In the interior design market, there are a multitude of styles and types of sousplat, which contributes to the creation of varied compositions, which can be defined according to the type of occasion. Metal sousplats can be used on formal occasions, while handcrafted sousplat models help bring more relaxation to the end result.

Sousplat is intended for use during entree and main course, but it is recommended that dessert be served after it has been removed. This is an excellent way to create a receptive and organized living space, take the opportunity to increase your compositions at the dinner table.

You need to consider the size of your dishes before choosing sousplat, but be aware that you can count on the varied line of pieces that Maria Pia Casa puts at your disposal. We also have resin sousplats, which guarantee an incredible look. Take the chance to check out our high decoration products!

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