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Garden benches, or seat gardens (may also be known as garden seats), are classic pieces in the decoration, which have a very classic Chinese origin. It is called that because it was once used in China in gardens of wealthy homes and its presence meant a status signal. Originally made of pottery in the oriental tradition, the garden seat has invaded the residential decoration and provided its adornment value as an option for the most diverse spaces.

Seat gardens in the living room

In this environment, the seat gardens can be inserted as a complement to the decoration, in harmony with the existing sofas and armchairs. In addition, it can be used as a corner or center table in a very creative way, serving as a support for decorative objects and even for snacks on those occasions when you receive guests at home. Also in these situations, they can be used as extra seats and give you more convenience.

Seat gardens in the room

This charming garden seat can also be used in the bedroom decor as a replacement for the nightstand, for example, or even as a complement to the dressing table. It is worth betting on objects that have more details of embellishment, with a colorful and printed finish, to make a difference and bring more personality to this space.

Outdoor seating gardens

These are the most traditional environments to insert the charming presence of the seat gardens, after all, you can also create a living environment with these stools. They also serve to accommodate drinks, books and other objects, ensuring convenience at various times. Versatile and practical, seat gardens can be manufactured in different materials, from the traditional oriental-inspired porcelain seat garden to rustic-style models such as the wooden seat gardens.

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