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Vintage decoration is characterized by valuing items that have been successful in past decades, with the aim of creating differentiated spaces that exude style and personality.

With a totally timeless charm, vintage Plaques are excellent choices when it comes to creating sophisticated and original space. Therefore, it is worth counting on this creative decoration idea to give an upgrade in your environments.

Vintage Plaques guarantee authenticity and allow different compositions, including in conjunction with pieces of modern design. The important thing is to transmit the concept through photographs, humorous messages and, of course, with the fun old advertisements, which are very successful in the decoration, when presenting famous images of pin-ups.

You can count on all the distinctive charm of vintage Plaques to decorate personal environments, such as the bedroom or office, and living places such as the living room and gourmet space, as well as corridors, where they will draw the attention of those who walk between. the spaces. Another tradition is to use these charming little signs in the garage, for example.

The use of Vintage Plaques is ideal to enhance the decoration of walls, the space intended for the creation of compositions that help to beautify the spaces. With these beautiful decorative objects, it is possible to make the place more attractive and charming, by exposing true stories framed in the form of a Vintage Plaques.

Thinking of offering novelties to those passionate about design, Maria Pia Casa separated beautiful decorative Plaques that present a retro style footprint in the decoration. You can take this opportunity to bring a humorous touch of personality and relaxation, take the time to choose the pieces that best fit your profile. Be sure to check it out!

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