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This section is especially geared to those passionate about music and decoration, who know the value of associating this art when composing different types of environment. Bringing a jukebox to the home decor is an attitude of personality and style and no space will be untouched by this wonder.

The jukebox is a machine for playing music that was very successful in the 70s, during the charming era of disco. The sound experience is completed with a visual presentation of lights and colors, which are triggered when the music starts. The decoration of commercial spaces includes the use of the jukebox in restaurants and bars, always with a retro - style footprint . But, it is possible to use all that vintage charm also in your home decor , just separate a special space to bring your machine and invite all your friends to dance in a real music room.
The jukeboxes that you find here, at Maria Pia Casa, are pieces that recover all the charm of past times, however, they have the best of current technology to offer an unforgettable sound proposal. In this sense, our stereos have features such as: speakers, USB input, memory card, CD, MP3 input, iPhone and iPod input, remote control, radio and much more.
Despite the retro style, the musical experience provided is of the latest generation. Therefore, you will love to count on the charm of the jukebox to promote parties at home and delight all the guests. Take the opportunity to make your playlist with your favorite bands and live that unforgettable feeling.

Be sure to check all this charm up close and bet on the jukebox look to completely transform some space!