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Watson Classic Red Retro Telephone

Revive the golden era of telecommunication with the Watson Classic Red Retro Telephone! A perfect blend of vintage allure and modern functionality, this 1950s Pay Phone CR56 Replica promises not just a conversation piece but an emotional journey back in time. Featuring authentic rotary look push-buttons and an endearing brass jingle, it's more than a phone; it's a nostalgic adventure.


Regular Price: $225.21

Special Price $157.65

Watson Classic Red Retro Telephone

Regular Price: $225.21

Special Price $157.65

Step into a Timeless Journey with the Watson Classic Red Retro Telephone!

Remember the good old days when life seemed simpler, and even a telephone call felt like an event? The Watson Classic Red Retro Telephone transports you back to those cherished times, right from the comfort of your home or office. Impeccably replicating the quintessential 1950s payphone, it resonates with both history and style, effortlessly adding a dash of nostalgia to any space.

Feel the connection with your loved ones as you dial on the authentically designed push-buttons that bear an unmistakable rotary look. Hear the heartwarming original brass jingle every time you insert a coin, evoking memories filled with warmth and joy.

But don't be fooled by its vintage charm; this telephone is not just a pretty face. Crafted with a robust plastic cabinet adorned with gleaming chrome accents, it promises to be a lasting treasure in your home. Not to mention, it doubles as a functional coin bank, bringing a sprinkle of fun and a splash of novelty to saving those pennies.

Whether mounted on a wall or gracing a desk, the Watson Classic Red Retro Telephone stands as a beacon of timeless elegance and a testament to the golden era of telecommunication. Embrace the blend of past and present with this unique piece that's more than a telephone; it's an experience.

The Watson 1950s Classic Red Pay Telephone features:

  • Rotary dial with push-button technology;
  • Redial feature;
  • Ringer volume ON/OFF switch;
  • Tone/Pulse switch;
  • Earpiece volume control;
  • Coin bank;
  • Wall mountable.

Height: 47 cm

Length: 22 cm

Width: 16 cm

Weight: 2.64 Kg

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Material Plastic
Warranty 06 Months

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