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This section is especially dedicated to those who are passionate about music, who do not miss the opportunity to bring all that love into the home decor. Therefore, we have separated some incredible models of Record Players with retro style that will stand out in any composition.

More than playing beautiful songs on vinyl records, record players and gramophones are true decorative objects, as they help bring back all the charm of old items in an interesting and fun way, adding more personality and style to the whole space.

The nostalgic Record Players returns with everything in the home decor, resurfacing as an elegant and original option in an era when streaming music can be even more common than the CDs themselves. That is why this beautiful piece is so valuable, as it pays homage to vinyl records.

Record Players have become objects of desire for those who enjoy vintage decor, but these stereos also stand out for having the best of current technology, featuring some functions that were not possible in the past, such as USB and for memory card.

Don't miss the chance to take a closer look at all the charm of old record players, which have been specially redesigned to offer an unforgettable sound experience. You can take advantage of these charming appliances to decorate the living room, bedroom or office and make a corner that rescues all the brightness of the golden years.

It is worth knowing the different models of retro Record Player that Maria Pia Casa puts at your disposal, such as gramophones and wooden record players; all with different styles of prints and colors. Feel free to choose the one that suits you best!

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