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The Vintage style is a classic in decoration and is always on the rise, having the main characteristic of the rescue of trends that have already been successful in past decades, through redesigned elements.

In the vintage decoration it is possible to find antique furniture, miniatures and paintings that bring the nostalgia of what was experienced in the last century. A very coveted line is that of old objects, with an aged aspect, but which present all the current technology, as in the case of telephones, record players and jukeboxes that contain resources such as USB and memory card.

A good decoration tip for those who want to give a vintage touch to the house is the mixture of old and modern elements, to give more harmony to the environment. At Maria Pia House you will find several items to make this mixture of elements and play with the seasons.

Vintage style products are endowed with a lot of personality and delicacy, making great items to give to friends and family. Here on the Maria Pia House website you will find pieces that combine charm and quality to further enhance your decor.

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