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Le Creuset

Le Creuset is a French brand that has become one of the most famous and traditional brands in the world when it comes to gastronomy. This story began in 1925 with two Belgian industrialists, specialists in cast iron and enamelling, who created the first pot made of enameled cast iron, with a vibrant color and design.

This kitchen classic has evolved, gained innovative forms and reinvented itself over time, taking on a modern, functional and unique look, always providing the best quality and experience.

For this, Le Creuset products have differentials that ensure more resistance and durability so that the pieces accompany people who like to cook for a lifetime.

In ceramic pieces, for example, the manufacturing process is characterized by first triggering high temperatures to create a dense and durable material that resists constant heating and cooling over time. Afterwards, a scratch-resistant enamel is applied, which also makes maintenance and cleaning more practical.

In cast iron pans, there is also the application of waterproof enamel for greater resistance to wear, stains and scratches. In addition, the pieces have handles and handles that facilitate handling and safety.

It is worth checking out the Le Creuset pieces at Maria Pia Casa and telling them a story of tradition and elegance.