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Corkscrews are part of the list of wine accessories you always need to decorate in the bar or gourmet space, so you can be more practical and efficient when opening your bottles in various moments of relaxation.

This item is indispensable in kitchen decor, as wine can also be used in the preparation of some meals. However, the corkscrew does not necessarily have to be kept inside the cupboard waiting for the occasion to be used, since the modern pieces of the interior design market are designed with the purpose of also serving as an option for embellishment for various compositions. Also for this reason, corkscrews are very common options for those looking for a creative and sophisticated gift idea.
Thinking about pleasing the discerning wine lovers, Maria Pia Casa has selected some exquisite models of corkscrews, which stand out for their high quality manufacturing. In addition to the traditional metal part that guarantees the functionality of the open bottle, our corkscrews also have a stem in differentiated bottles, such as the horn, which ensure more convenience and adhesion in removing the bottle stopper - necessary to prevent the entry of air and leakage of the internal liquid.
Enjoy the full strength of stainless steel to ensure the best drinking and tasting experience of your favorite beverage, so you don't have to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. Do not miss the chance to buy your wine opener with the differentials to buy on the Maria Pia Casa website!