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Based on Bruno Munari's premise that design is reference + fantasy, designer Theo Egami has in his training the development of projects from classic designers such as Lasar Segall and Gregori Warchavchik to contemporary designers such as Arthur Casas and Cláudia Moreira Sales. Like all this reference, Theo says that his fantasy comes from culture and the arts in all its forms. Thus making his work the fullness of this meeting where imagination, history and experience merge, presenting us pieces where he shows concern for aesthetics and functionality. In his work we note his oriental roots where we can observe straight lines, simple and pure shapes like the stroke of a samurai's sword. Acting in the market for 13 years, he worked in stores such as Design Warehouse, House 21 and Brentwood Furniture, all references in the luxury market, from where he brings great knowledge and experience. For Theo, design is more than just a drawing, it is a lifestyle.