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Le Jardin Porcelain Collection The inspiration for the creation of porcelain pieces is a true rescue to the tradition of the sea routes, which brought to the West the discovery of this noble material that originates in China. Using porcelain for manufacturing, the Le Jardin Collection of fine pieces has everything to win a special place in your decor. With a variety of types of decorative items such as flowerpots, sculptures and beautiful decorative boxes, the Maria Pia Exclusive House Le Jardin Porcelain Collection stands out for its charming concept of prints and lovely designs. All the objects were ornamented from a French inspiration and its imposing gardens that add beauty and sophistication to the final result. If your intention is to fill the house with joy, personality, style and, of course, elegance, you can not fail to bring the items in this collection so that you can make up various spaces. Enjoy to fall in love!