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Vintage Exit Decorative Metal Plaque

The Vintage Exit Decorative Metal Plaque is a creative and charming piece, perfect for bringing more relaxation to different spaces. Be sure to enjoy!


Regular Price: $69.56

Special Price $48.69

Vintage Exit Decorative Metal Plaque

Regular Price: $69.56

Special Price $48.69

Meet the Vintage Exit Decorative Metal Plaque !

Decorative plates are pieces that have a great presence in contemporary decoration projects, since they present creative formats, in addition to unusual compositions to bring more relaxation to the spaces of the house.

This piece, for example, is an arrow that indicates an exit, and can be used for you to decorate the room or other environments. Be sure to enjoy!

Decorative metal plate.

Height: 34 cm

Length: 60 cm

Width: 16 cm

Weight: 1.6392 Kg

SKU 37153

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