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Raisin Wine Glass

The Raisin Wine Glass is a perfect choice to give your bar a boost and surprise your guests with all your good taste as a host. Enjoy!


Regular Price: $31.49

Special Price $22.04

Raisin Wine Glass

Regular Price: $31.49

Special Price $22.04

Meet the Raisin Wine Glass !

If you are looking to increase the space of the bar or even set up a bar on a surface such as the table or the sideboard , you cannot fail to count on the presence of decorated glasses and cups .

This glass of wine , for example, translates sophistication and good taste, revealing to everyone your care as a host. It is worth taking advantage of for everyday life or use during special occasions!

Bowl made of high quality cut glass. Capacity: 180ml

Height: 21 cm

Length: 11 cm

Width: 16 cm

Weight: 0.324 Kg

SKU 34022
Rating 5 stars
Color Purple

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Model Wine
Warranty 6

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