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Skimmer with Tramontina Verano Hole with Nylon Cup and Onyx Polypropylene Handle 25573130

Skimmer with Tramontina Verano hole with nylon bowl and onyx polypropylene handle 25573130


Regular Price: $11.36

Special Price $10.56

Skimmer with Tramontina Verano Hole with Nylon Cup and Onyx Polypropylene Handle 25573130

Regular Price: $11.36

Special Price $10.56

Description: So you don't waste time and have any difficulty when cooking, Tramontina launches the Tramontina Verano Foam with Hole in Nylon Cup and Onyx Polypropylene Handle. It has a bowl made of nylon with holes for draining liquids, a hole for removing spices and a polypropylene handle, and it can also be washed in the dishwasher. It is or is not perfect for you • Content Real Information: Nylon utensil, which resists up to a temperature of 180 ° C. Cable with through hole allowing it to be hung in your kitchen. Ideal tool for use in pots with non-stick and ceramic coatings, as it does not damage the product. You can go to the dishwasher to make your daily life easier. Technical specifications EAN: 7891112262775DUN14: 17891112262772NCM: 3924.10.00 Net weight: 0.1000 kg. Gross weight: 0.1050 kg. Measurement: 0.002216 m³. . X Width x Height: 104x 53x 402 mm.Dimensions Product (Length

Utensílio de nylon resistente a temperaturas de até 180°C. Possui cabo de polipropileno com furo passante, permitindo que seja pendurado em sua cozinha. O suporte também é de polipropileno. Pode ser levado à máquina de lavar louças, facilitando seu dia a dia.

Height: 40 cm

Length: 5 cm

Width: 10 cm

Weight: 0.105 Kg

SKU 58396
Color Onyx

1 - Deliveries from two or more items, please be aware that we may choose to make separate deliveries for each item.

Material Nylon
Delivery Time This product is made it by order. Subject to stock availability. Shipping is 15 working days.
Recomendações de Uso Antes da primeira utilização, lave bem as peças e seque-as. Para garantir uma maior durabilidade dos produtos, é recomendado secá-los bem antes de guardar, mesmo após a lavagem em máquina. Para a limpeza do suporte, use um pano úmido com água. Ao descartar os produtos e embalagens, siga as orientações de reciclagem vigentes.
Kind of Product Skimmer
Warranty 06 Meses

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