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Red Porcelain Seat Garden Camus

Take the opportunity to enhance the home decor with all the style and originality of the Red Porcelain Garden Seat Camus!

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Regular Price: $189.14

Special Price $56.74

Red Porcelain Seat Garden Camus

Regular Price: $189.14

Special Price $56.74

Discover the Red Porcelain Seat Garden Camus !

This modern piece of decoration offers a colorful finish to bring more style and personality to the environments, but also uses the whole tradition of Chinese porcelain manufacturing.
The result is a seat garden colored in red, which is able to add more originality wherever it is inserted. Take the chance to upgrade your decor !

Seat garden made in Chinese porcelain, hand painted.

Height: 49 cm

Length: 31 cm

Width: 31 cm

Weight: 7.2 Kg

SKU 38606
Rating 5 stars
Decoration Seat Gardens
Color Red

1 - Deliveries from two or more items, please be aware that we may choose to make separate deliveries for each item.

Material Porcelain
Warranty 6

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Maria Pia Casa
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