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Tramontina Brava Stainless Steel Pan Triple Bottom With Flat Lid And Handle 20 Cm 2.9 L 62401200

Tramontina Brava stainless steel pot with triple-ply bottom with flat lid and 20 cm 2.9 l handle 62401200

Tramontina Brava Stainless Steel Pan Triple Bottom With Flat Lid And Handle 20 Cm 2.9 L 62401200
Description: Prepare your favorite recipes in a practical and super tasty way. The Tramontina Pan in Stainless Steel Triple Bottom with Flat Lid and Handle 20 cm in diameter 2.9 L from the Brava line offers a possibility to make various preparations and delight the people you love the most with perfect dishes. Its triple bottom (stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel) will make preparation even easier, as it distributes heat evenly and keeps food warm for much longer. Its finish is high-gloss with modern design, which will make your kitchen even more elegant, without obfuscating the real star: your recipe. Content Information: Healthier: because it is made of stainless steel, the Tramontina pan does not release any type of waste in your recipes. Easy to use: a practical pan for all your recipes and that looks great on any type of stove: gas, electric, ceramic and induction. It also has a lid with steam outlet and perfect fit. More durable: Tramontina stainless steel is a noble, resistant raw material that will make it beautiful for much longer in the kitchen. Saves time and energy: the secret lies in the triple bottom (stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel), which distributes heat evenly, providing faster cooking. Therefore, you can keep the heat low throughout the preparation and thus save energy. In addition, the all stainless steel pan can go to the oven to brown or finish dishes, at a maximum temperature of 260 ° C. Easy to clean: leaving your pan shining is simple, you just need water, soap and a soft sponge. If you prefer, just put it in the washing machine. Technical specifications EAN: 7891116138397DUN14: 17891116138394NCM: 7323.93.00 Net weight: 1.0700 kg. Gross weight: 1.2650 kg. Width X Height): 382x 210x 115 mm.Dimensions Product (Length X Width X Height): 388x 221x 133 mm.Diameter: 20.0 cm.Capacity: 2.90 l.Thickness: 0.5 mm .Warranty 90 days Legal guarantee for vices or manufacturing defects.

Height: 11 cm

Depth: 21 cm

Width: 38 cm

Weight: 12.65 Kg

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Material Stainless Steel
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Kind of Product Pan

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